Lorna Hackett to act as Counsel in People’s Covid Inquiry

We’re holding our People’s Covid Inquiry now because we don’t think it’s too soon to start learning lessons about this crisis, especially while so many people are still dying from Covid-19. We believe this level of deaths was avoidable. We all deserve to know how and why this happened. 


Royal Prerogative of Mercy Applied

18th October 2020

In a rare exercise of the Royal Prerogative of Mercy, London Bridge hero Steve Gallant’s parole eligibility date has been brought forwards by 10 months following a successful application drafted by Hackett & Dabbs consultant His Honour John Samuels QC and Lorna Hackett, instructed by Hudgell Solicitors.

Scrap Factory Farming – RSPCA calls for cut in meat and dairy as activists launch legal fight

Monday 28th December 2020

Animal-welfare activists who are part of Humane Being, are planning a legal challenge to the government to force ministers to end factory farming in the UK to halt damage to the environment and human health.

Lorna Hackett, one of the legal team headed by Michael Mansfield Q.C. said: “Dietary over-reliance on animal products produced by intensive means has created an environmental and human health imperative. 

“This case, which we believe to be a global first, starts with a key mitigator – the banning of cruel factory farming. That is breeding and risking incidences of disease that pose a health risk that the authorities cannot continue to ignore.”

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Brexit: Belfast solicitor firm hired by ‘concerned citizens’ to take legal action over Internal Market Bill

25th September 2020

A Belfast solicitor firm has been hired by “concerned citizens” considering taking legal action against the UK Government over its Internal Market Bill.

O Muirigh Solicitors will act alongside the Hampshire-based Hackett & Dabbs Solicitors and will be led by renowned QC Michael Mansfield in potential legal action at the High Court in Belfast and London.

Anti-5G group crowdfunds £100,000 to hire superstar lawyer to fight roll-out

14th August 2020

Renowned barrister Michael Mansfield QC is to take on the British government over its roll-out of 5G technology.

Action group Action Against 5G has so far crowdfunded an astonishing £105,000 to pay the legal brain to represent them.

They say UK scientists have failed to take enough notice of the potential health risks and public concern related to the fifth generation technology standard for phone networks.

Dominic Cummings not off the hook as Hackett & Dabbs launch legal appeal over lockdown trips

Martin Redston, who launched a legal challenge over Dominic Cummings’ lockdown trips to Durham, is appealing after the case was rejected by the High Court, seeking a judicial review over the decision not to investigate possible  breaches by the prime minister’s top aide.

‘The fundamental point is that this is a matter of human rights because we had all given them up or had them abrogated, in some cases by not going to the pub, while in others it was in tragic and difficult circumstances.

‘People played by the rules and didn’t go and see loved ones who were dying…here is a central person in Government breaking the lockdown despite his boss saying beforehand to stay at home

Hackett & Dabbs instructed to seek judicial review of the Director of Public Prosecutions over failure to investigate Dominic Cummings

10th June 2020

A legal team, headed by the barrister Michael Mansfield, has twice written to Hill, expressing concern that no action has yet been taken against Cummings after it was revealed that the prime minister’s chief adviser travelled with his family to Durham and Barnard Castle during the lockdown.

The letters were sent on 3 and 8 June on behalf of Martin Redston, a 70-year-old London engineer who is concerned that the lockdown laws should apply to everyone irrespective of their position in government.

David Reader joins Hackett & Dabbs

Hackett & Dabbs are delighted to welcome David Reader who joins the firm as an associate.   

Prior to joining Hackett & Dabbs, David gained substantial experience working in chambers on the south coast. 

David accepts instructions across the firm’s practice areas.